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On of our favourite mods to our last travel trailer was the replacement of the analog thermostat with a digital model. Last time I used the Hunter 42999B; that model is no longer available, so this time it'll be a close copy - the Supco 45034.

My first step was research, during which I found this excellent video by Ray of Love Your RV:

My approach differed slightly and is documented below.

I like the idea of wiring the air conditioner's high/low fan switch externally. But since we rarely change the fan speed, I am going to wire up the high speed directly to the thermostat. Here's a diagram.

Coleman Mach Air to Supco 43054  thermostat wiring

It matches the 4-wire setup shown on the Supco's back plate.

Thermostat wiring diagrams*

First step of the installation was to disconnect the battery and unplug from shore power. Due to the overcast it was a little dark in the trailer. I worked by headlight.

Working by headlight

Here's the Coleman Mach analog thermostat.

Coleman Mach analog thermostat

Faceplate off.

Coleman, faceplate off

Removing the two screws that attach the thermostat to the wall.

Coleman, removing the screws

Here's the thermostat off the wall and a view of the wire access. There was no danger of them falling back into the wall, so no need to tape them in place.

Coleman, unscrewed

Wire clippers at the ready. It's go time!

Time to clip the wires

Wires clipped and thermostat set aside.

Wires clipped

We won't be using blue (12 VDC negative) or green (AC fan low speed) so I've insulated them with electrical tape and tucked them back into the wall.

Blue (12 VDC neg) and green (AC fan low speed) insulated
Insulated wires tucked in

The remaining wires are stripped and ready. In order of connection from right to left they are red (12 VDC positive), yellow (AC compressor signal), white (furnace signal) and grey (AC fan high speed).

Red (12 VDC pos), Yellow (AC compressor signal), white (furnace signal) and grey (AC fan high speed) stripped

Here's the back plate of the Supco digital thermostat installed. I was able to use the screws and screw holes from the previous installation.

Supco 45034 digital thermostat back plate on

All wires are connected and tucked in place.

Back plate all wired up

The front cover is on and the batteries are in. The temperature is set to Celsius.

Batteries in, power on

All the power is back on and I've tested the thermostat for AC compressor, AC fan and furnace operation. It's roughly the size and shape of the analog unit and fits well in the same space.

A good fit

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