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During our first trip we decided the best place to hang an indoor garbage bag was to the left of the stove. We put an adhesive hook there but wanted something more permanent. While at a hardware store on another trip we found a $2 solution - a drawer pull we could use as a hanger knob.

The drawer pull came with the typical machine screw but our chosen mounting location did not allow rear access. I decided to cut the head off the screw so I screwed it firmly into the knob, clamped the head in a pair of locking pliers and removed it from the shaft with a hacksaw.

Hanger knob mod - 01

I cleaned up the cut and beveled the leading edges a little with a file.

Hanger knob mod - 04

Some experimentation with a spare piece of wood showed me that the knob could be screwed into an 1/8" hole, forming its own threads in the process. Here's the knob going into its chosen location.

Hanger knob mod - 05


Hanger knob mod - 06
Hanger knob mod - 07

Quick, easy, cheap and effective!

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