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We got a lot of use out of one of these on our last travel trailer so we decided to install one on this trailer. The idea is to mount it in a convenient and relatively level location (centred side to side), level the trailer by other means and calibrate the Hoppy side-to-side and fore-and-aft through an access hole in the cover. When properly set up it will indicate which side of the trailer is low and how many inches the low side needs to come up to level the trailer. Once leveled side to side the trailer would be chocked and unhitched before leveling front to back.

Hitch level calibration access (side to side)

Here's where we decided to mount it - between the coupler and the tongue jack.

Mounting location for Hoppy Hitch Level

Because I don't like to drill holes in a trailer frame if I can avoid it, I chose to attach the level to a mounting plate. The plate will attach to the trailer with rare earth magnets (note the protective cover installed on the level when not in use).

Hitch level mounting plate

The magnets will attach to the mounting plate with cup washers. Here's one after a test fit in a scrap piece.

Test fitting rare earth magnet cup

Cup washer holes drilled in bottom of mounting plate.

Mounting plate magnet cup holes

I used my vise and a socket to press the cups firmly into the holes.

Pressing the magnet cups in with socket and vise

Here they are pressed and screwed into place. The screws are incidental - those cups are pressed in firmly and aren't going anywhere

Magnet cups pressed and screwed in place

Cup washers masked for painting.

Magnet cups masked for painting

My favourite outdoor wood project paint: Home Hardware Beauti-Tone semi-gloss exterior acrylic. Spreads evenly, dries quickly, smells little, cleans up with water and forms a durable and attractive finish. What's not to like?

Paint of choice(x)

Several coats later - just about done.

Just about done

Rare earth magnets installed. I had these ring magnets on hand but I will pick up some stronger solid disc magnets soon.

Magnets in place*

Hoppy level screwed onto mount.

Level screwed to mount

Mount attached to trailer.

Mount in place

Before checking the side-to-side level.

Before reading

Side to side level checked. The clear cover is rotated until the side-to-side bubble is centred in the level. The arrow at the top of the dial indicates which side needs to be lifted. The scale at the bottom, read with the black arrow, lets you know how much lifting is required.

After reading - road side needs ~1/2"*

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