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We like to bring our trailer home periodically. Having it in the driveway allows us to properly flush the waste tanks, perform maintenance and repairs (and mods!), stock the fridge, and use it as a guest house from time to time.

The back part of our driveway is flat, which makes for a great parking space. The problem is that the first third is sloped, which can make it difficult to back a long trailer in. The Rockwood especially - for some reason the rear stabilizers are about as far back as they can be.

Rear stabilizer location

We parked it at home once and even with a lot of maneuvering there was still some light scraping. A common approach to this kind of problem is to "flip" the axle; this involves using a readily available kit to relocate the axles from their perches atop the leaf springs to new mounts below the leaf springs, thus lifting the trailer frame two to three inches. As it happens our trailer has torsion axles, so I contacted Forest River, the manufacturer. I was told that they'd need the axle number, so during our first trip of the season I crawled under the trailer and found it - in two locations.

Label, rear axle. Part no. 262382AD
Al-Ko axle ID tag

For our trailer the kit, which provides three inches of lift, is part number 10-FT-22 - USD 150 plus shipping.

While we were waiting for the parts to arrive, I booked an appointment with a local truck and trailer suspension shop. The shop had flipped sprung trailer axles but the service manager was unfamiliar with a torsion axle lift. I sent him the installation instructions and he replied that it shouldn't take more than eight hours of work. Judging by the labour charges it appears to have only taken six and a half hours. The result:

Lifted and hitched

Here's a closer look at the lift kit above one of the axles.

Shiny new lift kit

When we pulled the trailer home we were delighted to find that it went up the driveway with plenty of room under the rear stabilizers.

Trailer's home!
Driveway slope

Here's a better view of the rig as it rides now.

Eyeballing for level towing - 02

I didn't expect any difference in the towing experience and a first trip with the lifted trailer has confirmed my expectations.

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