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After eight years of pulling our last trailer's screen door closed by the little plastic latch, we learned of the Camco 42183 RV Screen Door Cross Bar. We like to patronize our local RV dealers' parts departments when it makes sense and this was reasonably priced at just over CAD 20.

RV Screen door cross bar

The supplied mounting instructions seemed overly complicated to me so I relied on my own experience. I started by placing some masking tape at the general location.

Mounting location taped

Here's the bar out of the packaging.

Here's the bar

I eyeballed the location of the bar on the door - it was right above a crossbar in the screen door itself so it's level with that. I held it in place, marked the hole locations and drilled 1/16" pilot holes.

Mounting holes marked and drilled

Those were enlarged with the required 1/8" bit.

Tape off

The aluminum bar inside the handles is shorter than our required span to make it adaptable for smaller doors. I installed the unit, centred the bar, taped it in place and removed the unit to drill the holes to secure the bar. They face the screen door and are not visible from this angle.

Bar installed, door closed

Quick and easy and it works very well. I wish we'd known about it years ago!

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