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Unlike our previous travel trailer, the table in the Rockwood 2701SS is not secured to the floor so you have to fold it for travel (a bit of a pain) or find a way to secure it when upright. I chose the latter.

While on our first camping trip with this trailer I secured one of the two table legs to the rail along the inside of the U-shaped dinette bench. That proved too restrictive for Emily, who usually sits against the outer wall. We needed something that could be undone... enter the turn button.

Here's the hole through which the turn button will pass.

Hole for turn button

Here's where the buckle goes.

Turn button buckle hole placement

Buckle on.

Turn button buckle - front

Buckle tabs bent over rear plate.

Turn button buckle - back

Turn button installed on rail.

Turn button mounted

Strap unfastened. This allows the table to be moved out from the wall to make room for Emily's legs.

Strap - unfastened

Strap fastened for travel.

Strap - fastened

An easy mod that ensures we won't have to fold the table for travel in future.

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