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When we listed our 2008 Starcraft ST 2700BH we decided the power tongue jack we'd installed was a great selling feature, so we left it on. After cranking the Rockwood up and down a few times we decided that history should repeat itself. This time we opted for the Barker VIP 3000. We bought it from a US retailer and had it shipped to my US address for installation during our first trip of 2016 (also our first trip in the Rockwood).

Here it is. The jack... in the box.

New Barker VIP tongue jack - CG install planned

After perusing the instructions, I started by supporting the A-frame on a pair of jack stands and retracting the jack foot. Soon the old jack was out and I cleaned up the mounting prior to installing the new one. Like the Atwood on our last trailer, this one grounds to the frame, so I bared the metal where the star washers go. I really should have taken more pictures but it was a drop-in and bolt-on kind of installation. The positive wire for the tongue jack didn't come with a ring terminal for the battery so I picked one up at a local hardware store to complete the installation. The new jack works great.

New tongue jack installed

A side note... we were camping with a bunch of friends and one had their manual tongue jack fail during setup. We were happy to donate our recently removed manual jack with a recommendation to pay it forward.

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