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The Scangauge II is a digital display for up to four gauges that plugs into your vehicle's On Board Diagnostics version 2 (OBDII) port. There are often sensors on a vehicle monitoring conditions not reported to the driver as part of the standard gauge package. For example: battery voltage, transmission fluid temperature, manifold pressure, RPMs... the list goes on. We bought the Scangauge II several years ago, mainly to monitor transmission fluid temperature... good information to have when towing. It occupied a convenient spot atop the steering column.

ScanGauge II installed


For the F-150, the steering column was not an ideal mounting spot. After thinking about it for a while, we decided it would go atop the rearview mirror. Just one problem - the cable was too short to reach from the top of the mirror to the OBD II port.

Luckily, the jack on the rear of the Scangauge II is an RJ45 type, the same as commonly avaialable computer network cable. All that was needed was a coupler...

RJ45 Coupler

... and a short length of cable.

CAT 5 cable

The unit was attached to the mirror with corresponding pieces of peel-and-stick velcro.

SGII - day

The cabling is very easy to hide in the trim. It tucks into the front of the roof headliner, and there's plenty of room behind the A-pillar trim for the coupler.

Cable routing

The cable exits through this trim piece, tucks behind the parking brake pedal and plugs in.

More cable routing
OBDII plugged in

Custom colours and gauge choices let you set the Scangauge II to suit your needs.

SGII - night

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