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We installed a couple of Fan-tastic Vents in our last travel trailer and got a lot of use out of them. When we bought this one it came with a basic three-speed fan for the bathroom, but all the bedroom had was a crank-up vent that didn't even crank up any more. We fixed that by installing a Fan-Tastic Vent 803750 remote controlled 14-speed reversible rain sensing fan, plus two covers - one for the new fan and one for the old.

I started by marking the new fan - the mounts for the cover use these screw holes.

Holes for vent cover hardware marked

The white lead on the fan was marked positive. The installation instructions and previous experience said the black lead was positive, and a bench test proved it.

White whire labeled positive*

First I removed the inner cover from the old vent. Bonus: looks like I won't have to fish for a power source!

Inside cover removed. Looks like I won't have to fish for wires!

With the preparations complete and the tools assembled, it was time for the ladder.

Ladder is ready

I used some split sections of pool noodle to protect the trailer.

Bumpers for the trailer

Bucket o'tools ready to go.

Bucket o'tools

Up top now, scraping off the old sealant. As in my previous experience, this is the biggest part of the job - the sealant has to be removed from the screw heads and the old vent separated from the roof, being careful all the while not to tear the roofing material.

Scraping off the old sealant

Oops. Tore the roofing material. It's not visible in the picture but the torn piece was still attached on one side. The tear was easily fixed with some sealant - a little underneath and a little on top.

Ruh roh - I done tored itX

Finally the old vent is off and most of the sealant is scraped off too.

Old sealant off

Wires cut. Yes, I did remember to unplug shore power and disconnect the battery first - this time.

Wire cut*

After connecting and testing the vent it was set in place. Make sure the hinge faces front!

Fan set in place

Some Dicor lap sealant for the screw heads and holes and the edges of the vent flange.

Fan screwed in place; some sealant on the screw heads

Vent cover hardware installed.

Cover hardware installed

Front vent cover installed. The black will help us keep the bedroom darker.

Front cover installed*

Rear vent cover installed.

Rear cover installed

Cradle for remote installed...

Remote cradle installed

... and remote in place in cradle.

Remote on wall

Having two fans will help keep the air in the trailer fresh, and having two covers means we can run the fans in the rain, in transit... or both!

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