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We like extended stays, but until now we didn't have a convenient way of refilling our fresh water tank - just a 26L jug that had to be filled at the nearest faucet, lugged back to the trailer and lifted to chest height to the gravity fill port. But now there's a better way for us.

Using the trailer's RV antifreeze (RVAF) suction port, we can draw water in from an external supply and pump it through an outdoor shower extension to the gravity fill port. Here's the flow:

Fresh water refill - Resupply flow

Providing you have a gravity fill port, an RVAF port and an outdoor shower, all you need are an adapter, a container and a couple of drinking water hoses.

The adapter we used is a Watts A-663 1/2" male to 3/4" male, which we got at Lowe's. It allows you to disconnect the outdoor shower head and connect a standard size hose in its place.

Watts A-663 hose adapter - 3/4" male to 1/2" male - 02 Watts A-663 hose adapter - 3/4" male to 1/2" male - 03 Watts A-663 hose adapter - 3/4" male to 1/2" male - 04 Adapter installed at end of shower hose

The water pump valves are reversed - the fresh water tank draw is turned off and the RVAF port draw is turned on.

Set to draw from RVAF port (not FW tank)

Here's the setup in place for a test.

All hoses connected RVAF draw hose in water refill supply Gravity fill hose inserted

The pump is built for power and durability, not speed... so it takes a few minutes to resupply the fresh water tank.

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