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The stock white steel wheels on our trailer with the exposed EZ-lube caps and grungy white lug nut caps could use a little dressing up - I saw another Rockwood this spring with some nice touches so I'm going to copy it. Simple as it was, this was a two-part mod.

Wheel bling, part I

Here are the stock wheels. Ho hum.

Stock wheels - dirty

Here we are with one set of the grungy white plastic lug covers removed and the wheels cleaned up a bit. Yawn.

Stock wheels - clean
Hub closeup, stock

Hey presto! Chromed (plastic) hub caps!

Hub caps on
Hub closeup, with cap

Part I complete! It takes a little wiggling to get the caps to seat and when they do it's firm. I'm hoping they'll stick around for a while.

Wheel bling, part II

Part II: Wheel trim rings!

Wheel trim rings!
Wheel bling at home

We really like the look.

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